The leather is made in the beamhouse. Therefore, United Chemicals has a product for every step of the beamhouse operation. We can help you with soaking, liming, deliming and bating needs for leather and double-face. While we work to improve the quality of leathers, we also work on being environment friendly and reduce wastewater. Our experts in leather and double-face can help you to increase the quality of the articles and reduce your operation time.

UNISOL soaking agents helps the soaking and degreasing process by lower the surface tension of the water. Due to their high emulsion stability, they also prove to be successful in degreasing. UNICAL helps the deliming process by removing liming chemicals, decrease alkaline swelling and adjust the pH for optimum bating performance. UNILASE enzymes further opens up the fiber structure to yield a fine and smooth grain and helps to remove unwanted substances from the fibres. 

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