PU Taffeta Topcoat / Dull

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UNILAC MP 7025 is a polyether based aliphatic polyurethane. it is very suitable as water-borne matt topcoat and is characterized by a pleasant “touch”. UNILAC MP 7025 is a solvent-free product and it doesn’t contain silica. it is suggested far the finishing of all articles which excellent mechanical features (weVdry rubber resistance) are requested. The product can be either used as a matt topcoat, or as a matting agent. UNILAC MP 7025 results to be particularly resistant to mechanical action, in fact, it does not lose matting effect and doesn’t produce any whitish effect. The product is usually added with other binders and applied by spraying.
The use is about 3% wt. of isocyanate cross-linking agent is recommended