LWG Membership of United Chemicals

We, United Chemicals, are committed to supporting sustainable leather manufacturing across the globe and that is why we are proud members of the Leather Working Group/LWG.

The Leather Working Group/LWG is an international organisation made up of stakeholders across the leather supply chain, working to promote environmental best practice within leather manufacturing and related industries. The Leather Working Group/LWG aims to improve the leather manufacturing industry by creating alignment on environmental priorities, bringing visibility to best practices and providing suggested guidelines for continual improvement.

United Chemicals’ goal has always been to produce safer chemicals for leather and reduce the environmental impact of the leather industry. Our LWG membership indicates our commitment to these environmental standards and influence change for our industry, in action.

Therefore, we will take an active part in LWG and work under one roof with brands and manufacturers for these common purposes as of April 1, 2021.

More information on LWG can be found on the website Leather Working Group

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